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Welcome to Strike Graph

Get started with the basics of the Strike Graph platform

Strike Graph Basics

Learn how to navigate and leverage the Strike Graph platform

Video Demonstrations

View detailed presentations that outline key features of the platform and compliance journey

Control Library

Activate, implement, and maintain controls to mitigate risks

Evidence Repository

Activate, document, and upload evidence items to prove operation of controls

Policy Template Library

Locate essential documents to assist with launching your organization’s IT compliance program. Already have policies in place? Consider reviewing our templates for language to enhance your organization’s existing documents.

SOC 2 Framework & Audit Guidance

Learn about the SOC 2 criteria, how to efficiently prepare for an audit, and the general SOC 2 audit process

SOC 2 System Description Template & Guidance

Develop your organization's Section III of the SOC 2 Report

Integrations Guidance

Learn how to configure evidence collection integrations

Trust Assets

Learn about Security Questionnaires, Security Reports, and more

Strike Graph Trust Center

Locate Strike Graph's SOC 2 report and other Strike Graph Trust documentation